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Over nearly 20 years since its founding, Goldcard has always been taking "innovation" as the core value idea of the enterprise, and taking the responsibility for the shareholders, customers, employees and society to realize the value maximization as the lofty mission of the enterprise. We are committed to innovation and promoting the harmony between man and man, man and nature, and business and society, and continue to explore new ways to return to the society, to build a happy beautiful society. 

Responsible to shareholders: to improve efficiency and create value

Goldcard cherishes and makes good use of every penny of capital, maintains a sound business development, builds a sound corporate governance structure and constantly improves the overall level of risk management. The company establishes a professional value-creating business culture, so that the value of the enterprise continues to increase and shareholders obtain a satisfactory return. In such way, the company can obtain the long-term trust and support of shareholders and investors. 

Responsible for the customer: service-oriented, good faith

Goldcard pays attention to product quality and customer satisfaction. We rely on innovative technology, stable and reliable quality and attentive services to produce and sell the quality products most meeting customer expectations, and strive to provide customers with comprehensive, professional and personalized products and services. Creating value for customers is the relentless pursuit of Goldcard. 

Responsible for the employees: people-oriented, happy work

With the philosophy of "happy work and happy life", Goldcard creates a harmonious and pleasant working atmosphere for employees and provides the right career development direction and wide vocational development space, while providing professional and efficient training, so as to realize the appreciation of employee's personal value. The company uses professionals to meet challenges, so as to achieve common growth of the interests of the company, customers and employees.

Responsible for the society: charity, return to the society

Since its inception, Goldcard has been embracing the heart of thanksgiving to contribute to the society. It makes continuous investment in the public environmental welfare, the public welfare of the Red Cross and the community public welfare. It continues to strengthen environmental management, and strives for perfection in every production link. It helps the sustainable development of all sectors of society using the smart gas system. 

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