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Goldcard published in Social Responsibility Report 20142015-08-28

On August 28th, 2015, Goldcard released the "Social Responsibility Report 2014" to the public. This is the first social responsibility report of Goldcard, is a true reflection, that Goldcard fulfilled the company’s social responsibilities and obligations, built a conservation-oriented enterprise and harmonious enterpris, achieved the sustainable development.

In the form of statement of facts, images, graphics and actual cases, Social Responsibility Report 2014 of Goldcard elaborated the awareness and understanding of the company's corporate social responsibility. In the respect of “continuing to create economic value”, “innovation leading the technological progress”, “Safe operation unremittingly”, “Strictly controlling the quality of fine service”, “Employees’ wealth as the foundation of enterprises”, “Beautiful China Green Goldcard” and “Served as corporate citizenship” seven aspects etc., demonstrated objectively and comprehensively Goldcard's corporate culture, actual practice circumstance in respect of the values and social responsibility.

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