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Goldcard won “2016 outstanding 6S application provider” title2017-01-23

Recently, Goldcard won the "Hong Kong and China Gas Group 2016 outstanding 6S application provider" title.

Hong Kong and China Gas Group is one of the six biggest gas groups in the Mainland to operate the utility business. They began to invest in the Mainland in 1994 to set up gas projects and current business includes 23 provinces, with residential, industrial and commercial customers of more than 20 million, sales volume reached 15.5 billion cubic meters, total pipeline length is more than 88,261 km.

6S management is the basic activities of the enterprise management, help to eliminate undesirable phenomena in the production process. It is also related to the gas meter quality assurance, therefore, Hong Kong and China Gas has always attached great importance to its suppliers in the 6S application.

Goldcard is a smart utility solution service provider. By using of fixed-point camera technology, the manufacturing errors can be timely corrected. Combined with VI visual recognition, BI behavior identification, Goldcard standardizes a set of management system and creates a new 6S digital factory.

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