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Trilateral cooperation of Goldcard, AliCloud and Zhuojian Cloud facilitates the innovation of smart utility cloud service2016-12-15

From 14th to 15th December, the Computing Conference Huizhou session which hosted by Guangdong provincial government and Alibaba group was held in Huizhou as scheduled. On 15th December, Goldcard, AliCloud and Zhuojian Cloud signed a Public Utility Cloud Strategy Cooperation Agreement in the Internet of Things special meeting. It aims to provides a full range and multi-angle cloud service for the public utility through the in-depth cooperation of three parties, further to become a powerful framework for the construction of smart city. Vice president of Goldcard Zhang Haijun, IoT business unit general manager of AliCloud Liu Fei, CEO of Zhuojian Cloud Zhu Yanan participated in this signing. 

As a smart utility solution provider, Goldcard always committed to integrate the cloud computing into the transformation of public utilities. Therefore, this cooperation can be described as a matter of course. 

The agreement decided to fully deploy the Goldcard ESlink (smart collection, smart operation, smart service) to AliCloud platform, anticipate to through the use of Alicloud technology and middleware to improve the stability, security, high performance and scalability of the Goldcard’s cloud system architecture. At the same time, Goldcard will also cooperate with AliCloud on big data and artificial intelligent to improve cloud service. Zhuojian cloud will provide the migration technology to guarantee the deployment work processed smoothly.

What does the public utility cloud can bring to us? Zhang Haijun answered this question from the view of natural gas industry in his speech "Internet + smart gas cloud solution". 

“Currently, there are four major problems in the gas industry: low engagement caused by the high cost of informatization, low operation efficiency of “pipe + end”, decreased gross profit and low customer satisfaction. Goldcard ESlink dissected all these problems professionally, and to push the integration of computing cloud, big data and IoT into the all aspects of natural gas operation. 

With the help of Goldcard ESlink, the utility companies will greatly reduce the transformation cost to “Internet + Utility” model, and no need to worry about the security issues. Moreover, the new value-added services it brought will takes new profit models to enterprises.

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