Industrial Smart Thermal Gas Meter

Main Features

Standard volume output, No additional temperature and pressure compensation needed

Working condition volume output, based on real-time temperature and setting pressure value

No moving components, long-term stability

Compact design, smaller size to install easily

Resistance to 120℃ ambient temperature

Dynamic multi-tariff

Remote valve operation

Remote upgradeable firmware

Field swappable battery

Easy operation and maintenance through advanced 3 touch-button human-machine interface.

Kinds of communications module are available for various markets

Design in accordance to smart metering equipment technical specifications


Measurement Principle

The measurement principle is based on a MEMS "Micro Thermal Flow Sensing". The Fig 1 has shown that there is a micro-heating element and two temperature sensors are placed around it. The temperature difference between the two sensors will be created when the flow rate increases and it is proportional to the mass flow rate.