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JGD4S-R Smart Gas Meter


Research and development of UK smart gas meter is aimed to satisfy UK gas market. As a part of gas measurement in whole SMS solution, this product has friendly Human-Machine Interface (HMI) which is able to upload gas information at regular time to HUB and is featured by data security encryption, configurable multi-rate, comprehensive data record, and remote data operation and control to gas meter through master station.

Main features

- Design in accordance to smart meter specifications

- Field swappable battery

- Remotely valve operation

- Remotely upgradeable firmware

- Easy operation and maintenance through advanced 3 push-button human-machine interface

- Approved to EN 1359

- High accuracy and long-term stability

- Temperature compensation

-  Large and clear view enabling LCD display with backlight illumination


Physical Dimension

- Size              228×268×152mm

- Weight          ≤3Kg

- Two pipe       152.4mm(6″)

- Meter joint thread1 1⁄4″

Technical Specifications

- Meter Size: G4

- Measuring Range: 0.04~6 m3/h

- Measuring Accuracy: 1.5 (MID)

- Cyclic volume: 1.2 / 2L

- IP Protection: IP65

- Maximum operating pressure: 0.15bar

- Operating Temperature Range: -10~40℃

- Measured Gas type: Natural gas, air, and all non-corrosive gases

- Battery life: ≥10 years (1 section 3.6V D + 1 section 3.6V AA lithium battery )

- Display: Dot matrix LCD (with backlight)

- Display resolution       9 data bits, including 4 decimal places.

- Measurements displayed to 0.1 litre resolution (0.0001 m3)

- Buttons: 3



- GBCS baseline specification

- DLMS/COSEM compliant

- HAN: ZigBee SEP1.2 (<10mW)

- HAN module field replaceable

- Optical port: IEC62056-21


- AES-128/ECC data encryption

- Meter cover open detections

- Hardware security chip with TRNG

 Comply to GBCS data security

- Beeper alarm

Data logging

- Daily read log

- Dynamic multi-tariff calculation

- Billing data log, triggered by an end of billing event

- 100 records of Event log

- Parameter change log

- Half hourly data stored locally

- Network data log

- Profile data log for three month


Gas meter supports two tariff types,Time-of-use Pricing and Time-of-use with Block Pricing. The two tariff types can be switched through remote commands.

Gas meter support pre-set tariff types, it means that execute one tariff type and pre-set another tariff type, when gas meter system reach pre-set time, it will switch to another tariff type automatically.


- 2004/22/EC (MID)

- 1999/5/EC (RTTE)

- 2004/108/EC (EMC)

- EN1359:1998-A1:2006

- ATEX directive 94/9/EC