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TYL Type Rotary Gas Meter

Brief information

TYL Type Rotary Gas Meter is a wide rangeability displacement gas metering instrument with high accuracy and reliability, which is widely used in industrial fiscal metering gas flow test and control, urban gas fuel monitoring and measuring, meeting the monitoring or metering requirements of high accuracy and reliability from customers.The product complies to European requirements of EN12480.

Main features

  • Long Service Life

  • It can serve as long as 20 years for normal operation, which is enabled by the exquisite design and manufacturing process of its piston with surface treatment dynamic balancing, high strength, non wear rotation, contactless seal, self-cleaning action and well bearing lubrication.

  • Wide Rangeability: up to~250:1

  • High Accuracy and Reliability≤±0.5% for Qmax to Qt, ≤±2% for Qmin to Qt

  • Without requiring to adjust the accuracy and unaffected by the change of media conditions

  • Minimal Starting Flow

  • With starting flow range of 0.06m3/h~1.20m3/h for different size

  • Low Pressure Loss

  • With pressure loss range of 0.05kPa~0.55kPa for different size

  • Wide Range of Usage

  • All accessories can be used for any size of meter

  • Good Interchangeabiliyty

  • Interchangeable between the accessory and size component of the same specification