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TBQM Tpye Gas Turbine Flowmeter

General description

The turbine meter TBQM has been designed for custody transfer(fiscal) metering of natural gas and other specified gases.

The turbine meter TBQMcomplies with the European EN12261-2002 standard and national JJG1037-2008 (turbine flowmeter verification regulation) and Q/ZTX 09-2012(TBQM series gas turbine meter) internal standards. Its main technical parameters are in line with GB/T 18940-2003/ISO 9951: 1993 criteria. The TBQM has been CE certified by NMI according to MID (Measurement Instrument Directive), PED (Pressure Equipment Directive), ATEX. and OIML specifications.

Technical specification

  • Operating conditions

   Amibient temperature: -25℃~+55℃

   Relative humydity : 5%~95%

   Atomospheric pressure: 70kPa~106kPa

   Protection class: IP65

  • Accuracy class:1.0

  • MPE(maximum permissible error)

   Qmin≤Q<0.2Qmax:±2.0%; 0.2Qmax≤Q≤Qmax:±1.0% 。

  • Repeatability:better than 0.1%.

  • Model, basic parameters and technical specificatio