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Vehicle-mounted GasFlow Standard Device

Product description

TTSD-model vehicle-mounted gas flow standard device (hereinafter referred to as the vehicle-mounted device) selects to use the Roots flowmeter or turbine flowmeter with high accuracy as the master meters. It could be used for delivery and periodic calibrations of displacement or velocity-type flowmeters by using basic principles of master meter method devices as well as related regulations of gas flowmeters. This device not only has features of normal devices of master meter method , but also has unique design structure and applications. This standard device is placed on a vehicle , which makes it possible to reach the user target place easily. The calibration can be done with only power supply and small space ,thus the calibration time and fee is saved significantly


Product features

  • Overall structure is simple and compact for the convenience of car loading and transportation

  • Master meters adopt the parallel installation mode for the convenience of flow accumulation, therefore widening the calibration range

  • Control system adopts the PLC (Programmable logic controller) for the convenience of maintaining and extending the system. It has a strong anti-jamming capacity

  • Developed by the configuration software, the control system software has a nice interface with easy operation

  • It adopts the double timing pulse acquisition module, enhancing the accuracy of calculation and timing. Calibration frequency range: 0.001 Hz~10 kHz

  • It could detect instruments of various signal output, inclusive analog output instrument, pulse output instrument and local indicating instrument

  • The system has multiple self-diagnostic functions and leakage testing function


Performance index:

  • Flow range of the device: 0.5 m3/h -2000 m3/h (The user could select the upper limit of the flow)

  • Calibrated diameter: DN20-DN 150 (user customization upon request)

  • Uncertainty of the system: better than 0.3%

  • Operating pressure: Absolute pressure 80kPa-130kPa 

  • Operating temperature: 0℃ ~+40℃

  • Working medium: clean air

  • Working power: 380 V a.c and 220 V a.c