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Critical-flow Gas Flow Standard Device

Product description

LXH critical-flow gas flow standard device selects the venturi nozzle that conforms to the International Criteria (ISO 9300 "Test Gas Flow with Critical-flow Venturi Nozzle" as the flow standard device. It adopts the sonic nozzle method to detecl or test the flow. The equipment is designed according to the relevant flowmeter calibration procedures, to carry out delivery calibration and periodic calibration of various gas flowmeters, such as turbine, vortex, vortex precession, rotary, industrial diaphragm and other types of gas meters. The device adopts double-timing technology, video technology, etc. It is characterized with high level of automation, stable and reliable measurement structure, convenient operation, etc. It is particularly applicable to the metrology institutions, gas companies and petroleum and petrochemical companies, etc


Product features

  • Critical-flow nozzle structure used as travel standard, it is robustly built with good endurability, easy for maintenance and detection. High precision with measurement uncertainty is belter than 0.2%.

  • Compact structure with no movable parts. Good repeatability and reliability.

  • During operation, various nozzles combination can be freely set up depend on the flow rate, thus wide measurement range is realized. The lower measurement limit is 1m³/h or even lower. Upper limited can be customized upon user individual requirement

  • Adopt high-precision temperature & pressure transmitter and implement multiple average method on the measured data to further ensure the accuracy of the collected data.

  • Uses advanced pulse interpolation technology to count the impulse numbers to ensure the accuracy of the measured flow pulse. When calibrating the low-frequency flowmeter, it can collect the number and time of pulses of the flowmeter synchronously through the low-frequency module. It can collect 0.001 Hz frequency at minimum. It is the pioneered technology in China

  • The testing duration, test volume, flow points, testing times of the meter under test (MUT) can be freely settable for the ease of user operation. The calibration signals include pulse signal, 4-20 mA analog signal, binary signal and video signal.

  • User-friendly operation software with no access authority required. Users can set relevant parameters in the database according to the actual needs. The calibration records can be stored to the database and is accessible through the Internet

Components of the device

  • The device is mainly composed of five parts: the major body of the measurement part,

  • Clamping pieces of the MUT (meter under test ), data acquisition and processing , driving

  • Part and air piping system


  • Device flow range: 1.0~20000 m³/H (flow upper and lower limit is optional )

  • Testing platform: DN20~DN600. The size and number of the MUT (meter under test) can be customized according to users' needs

  • System uncertainty: belter than 0.3% (K=2)

  • Working pressure: 20kpa (Mpa.a)~local atmospheric pressure

  • Working temperature: 0℃ ~+40℃

  • Working medium: clean air