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Master Meter Method Gas Flow Standard Device

Product description

LLH-model master meter method gas flow standard device is a convenient, economical and practical standard instrument, using high-precision Roots meter or turbine meter as the master meters. It is designed according to the basic principles of master meter method devices and calibration regulations of related gas flowmeters. Adopting technologies such as the dual timing technology and the PID technology for stabilizing the flow, it has superior features like high level automation, quick efficiency, stable and reliable measurement structure, easy operation and space saving, etc. It is suitable for delivery and periodic calibrations on the displacement and velocity-type flowmeters


Product features

  • The overall structure of the device is simple, with a relatively small space required

  • Master meters adopt the parallel approach for convenient extension,showing strong interchangeability

  • Use clean air as the calibration medium. Safe and energy-saving

  • Instruments that could be calibrated include: Turbine flowmeter, rotary flowmeter, velocity-type flowmeter with low differential pressure and industrial gas meter, etc

  •  Use dual timing pulse acquisition module,demonstrating accurate and reliable timing and counting with high accuracy

  • Adopt PLC as data acquisition and on-off control system, showing stable performance and strong anti-jamming capability

  • Calibration system has a user-friendly interface and is easy to operate. It could dynamically display the field calibration results based on user needs


  • Flow range of the device 0.5~20000m³/h (upper limit is optional to the user)

  • Inspection platform: DN20~DN600 (upper limit is customized)

  • Uncertainty of system: better than 0.3%

  • Operating pressure of the device: Absolute pressure 20kPa~local barometric pressure

  • Operating temperature of the device:0℃ ~+40℃

  • Working medium: clean air