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Smart Remote Gas Control System V4.0

Product introduction:

The smart remote gas control system mainly consists of three parts: hardware data acquisition part, network transmission part and software processing part. The acquisition module of the data acquisition part collects the data of the gas meter through a certain way of communication protocol; the data are sent to the data monitoring center via the GPRS/CDMA / 3G and other network; real-time monitoring on the working condition of the user's gas meter is realized through the computer communications, information management and database systems in the Data Center. The system can collect real-time data (including flow rate, temperature, pressure, etc.); can conduct real-time information monitoring, data analysis statistics and remote recharge and control; and can realize remote real-time price adjustment and real-time SMS alarm for exception information. 


Product features:
1. Real-time understanding of customer's gas consumption situation and meter state.
2. It can provide remote recharge, network recharge, mobile payment and other payment methods.
3. It can realize linkage with the SMS platform and Customer Center, to improve service quality and capability of gas companies.
4. It can realize ladder price, price regulation and other price problems.
5. The valve can be remotely controlled to ensure safe use of gas.
6. Increase the gas company's capability of information management and scientific analysis.

Smart remote gas control system

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